Chief totem pole-Rick Williams

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Rick Williams has lived around totems and carvers all his life.

 His father, Ray Williams, was a master carver who had totems exhibited in museums all over the United States and Canada, including the Smithsonian and the White House.  Before he passed away in 1989, Ray was able to pass on his knowledge to Rick and his brothers and sisters as well as a few other local carvers lucky enough to get an apprenticeship.

 The Williams family is a member of the Nitinat Band (Eagle Clan), which is a part of the West Coast Tribe.  The West Coast peoples are originally from Vancouver Island.  The family's carving style is that of the Nitinat tradition.

 Rick has been able to take the traditional Nitinat style of his father and adapt a variety of colors to blend with his artistic vision.  Rick often uses the traditional symbols of Thunderbird, Bear, and Frog in his carvings.

 The Williams family of artists has been carving for many generations.  The result of this long family tradition is a style that is not only traditional and technically skillful, but also aesthetically pleasing.

 We here at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop are proud to have done business with the Williams family for the past one hundred years.

This totem pole depicts a chief, thunderbird, wolf,  and orca.  Hand carved from oiled cedar.  It measures 10 inches tall x 7 inch w/span x 1.5 inches deep.  Hand carved by Rick Williams.  



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