Tote bag (cinch)-Hill Tribe

  • 1995

"This finely handcrafted accessory is made by the Hill Tribes who live primarily in the border regions of Thailand, Myanmar, China, Laos, and Vietnam.


Traditionally a migratory rural people, Hill Tribes are having difficulty adjusting to their changing world.  In the remote Golden Triangle, establishing sustainable livelihood has been a challenge.  Poverty and persecution have driven many to opium cultivation or prostitution as a means of survival.  Developing an indigenous handicrafts industry is the best hope, especially for woman. 


We utilize the artistic talents of women from various Hill Tribes to produce these fine accessories that feature cross stitch embroidery, batik and other old world weaving techniques."  Adventure Trading, Inc. Seattle


Measures 12" deep x 9" inches in diameter.  Made in Thailand. 



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