Heavy Hitters: The Seattle Steelheads

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Seattle Steelheads uniform: jersey and hatIn honor of Black History Month, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop presents from our collection a baseball uniform with a past. Stitched from scratchy 100% wool and still bearing grass stains from play, this retro cream-colored jersey has seen some action!

It was all meant to recreate history: the 1946 Seattle debut of the West Coast Negro Baseball League, when the Seattle Steelheads played the San Diego Tigers at Sicks’ Stadium. For the 75th anniversary of the league, on September 9, 1995 the Seattle Mariners became the Seattle Steelheads and the Kansas City Royals became the Kansas City Monarchs. 

Sicks Stadium in SeattleThe six teams of the League had planned an ambitious schedule of 110 games along the coast, but it was not to be. Though gate receipts proved the League could fill stadiums with devoted fans, a complex stew of factors (including the weakening of the color barrier thanks to players such as Jackie Robinson) forced the League to disband only two months after it had formed.

Our jersey bears the signature of Mike Blowers, #16. Trousers and cap complete the ensemble.

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